Inspiring Backsplash Tiles

If you are attempting to revitalize an older kitchen or are about to embark upon a complete kitchen remodel, your main focus is likely on things like what kind of countertops and cabinetry you should think about using. This being the case, it’s easy to overlook one of the most important design elements of any kitchen, namely your choice of backsplash tiling.

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Backsplash Tiles: About much more than just Basic Functionality

The right backsplash tiling can add a powerful design statement to any kitchen area. In fact, in smaller homes and apartments, many homeowners find that by forgoing above counter cabinetry in favor of using large decorative tiles, they can add an entirely new dimension of space to their kitchens. The only question is, what kind of backsplash tiling can help you really exemplify the best features of your kitchen?

The Benefits of Large Decorative Tiles

Marrying retro art deco designs with beautiful charm and charisma, large and patterned tiles are being increasingly used in kitchens with high ceilings and lots of wall space. The chief benefit of such a design lies with the fact that tiles used in this way make as bold a decorative statement as possible. This being the case, even a small or otherwise outdated kitchen can be made to look and feel distinctly spacious and modern.

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Reflective Backsplash Tiles

Another way to give rise to an extra sense of space in a kitchen is to use reflective and/or metallic backsplash tiles. Reflective surfaces often marry a high-end luxury feel with ultimate ease of use. They are easy to wipe clean, catch the eye as soon as you walk into your kitchen, and are particularly good at complementing kitchens which feature natural stone countertops. Even better, glass tiles are particularly in vogue at the minute, and can be used to complement almost any overall kitchen design.

Glass tile Benefits

While glass tiling might be considered somewhat non-traditional, glass tiling can be used to achieve some truly second to none visual effects and patterns. Naturally bouncing light around your kitchen area, different colors and shades can be used to illuminate and exemplify a variety of different areas and utilities. This being the case, glass tiles are just as perfect for smaller kitchens with little natural lighting as they are bigger kitchens and adjoining dining areas.

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Mosaic Backsplash Tiles

Are you afraid of using a single color or a too distinctive backsplash tile? If so, you are not alone. While glass and large decorative tiles can completely tie a new kitchen together, it’s easy to pick too bold or too distinctive a single color scheme.

Thankfully, with mosaic backsplash tiles, such problems can be completely avoided. This is because, by combining one, two, or lots of different colors, mosaic tiles help unify overall color and texture themes. In fact, this is precisely why mosaic tiles are many people’s preferred choice of backsplash.

Metal Backsplash Tiles

Do you feel like being different? If so, and you are looking for an ultra-modern effect, you might want to consider metal backsplash tiling. Available in a range of colors, shades, and textures, metal is ideal for those striving for both rustic loft apartment ambiances and/or chic, ultra-modern kitchen designs. The only problem is that metal tiles will often make any stains or blemishes stand out. In this case, make sure to shop around for the easiest to maintain tiles as well as just the best-looking ones.

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