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About Us

We’re passionate about providing affordable and yet high-quality interior design services.

Founded in 2009, we’re proud of the fact that when people come to us, they usually do so after being recommended by our past and present customers. However, at Forestry Kitchens, our reputability isn’t just based on our commitment to incorporating cutting edge design elements into new kitchens. Rather, our reputability also rests with our commitment to providing completely hassle free kitchen installations.

Providing inspiring, as well as value-adding renovations, we help homeowners take their kitchens into the 21st century. Much more importantly, we do so with minimal fuss, and with the help of truly inspired interior design teams and architects.

Custom Kitchen

Custom Kitchens

Your house is your home and the center of any home is usually the kitchen. The kitchen is where we spend the most part of our time. In like manner, it’s often the center of family life in general. Isn’t it time in this case, that you tried to exemplify this part of your home as such?

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A custom kitchen can help you do this. Even better, we can help you design a kitchen around any decorative taste and/or level of overall functionality. The only question is, how do you envision your dream kitchen? Whatever functional, value adding, or decorative design you might have in mind, let us help. We’re masters of all kinds of interior renovation work and can equip you with the kitchen design style you’ve always dreamed of in no time.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Are you passionate about not just the overall aesthetic presentation of your kitchen, but your kitchen’s overall functionality? Our custom kitchen cabinet designs can be incorporated into utilities such as dishwashers and fridge freezer units.

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In doing so, a greater level of visual uniformity can be achieved, one which will add significantly to the aesthetic impact of your kitchen. All of our designer custom kitchen cabinets are made using only the highest quality materials. In like regard, each cabinet is graded by our design team into the overall style of your existing kitchen counter-tops and all other such features.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets

Signature custom cabinets are one of the fundamentals of any custom kitchen design. From hardwood cabinets with a traditional, rustic feel, to ultra-modern cabinet design styles, we help homeowners all over Canada make an impact with their kitchen.

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Custom built and fitted, our kitchen cabinets will help you visually frame your kitchen. Even better, as well supplying innovative and ultimately beautiful kitchen cabinets, we can incorporate high-quality custom cabinetry into the layout and existing style of almost any size kitchen.

Wall Units

Custom Wall Units

While predominantly used for storage, the wall units in your kitchen often also make the biggest and most immediate visual impact. In this regard, it’s important to choose wall units which complement kitchens overall design style.

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To start, we’ll present you with a variety of different wall unit options to choose from, all of which will take into consideration any upgrades which you might wish to make to your kitchen in the near future. From hardwood to custom design cabinetry, our interior design teams will help you frame your kitchen in the best way possible.


Here’s what just some of our clients have said


I wholeheartedly recommend Forestry Kitchens and are happy to show the work they did to anyone who come see our kitchen

Dina Wulch — Newmarket

They have outstanding project supervision, excellent craftsmen, and are very detail-oriented. We were pleased with their work.

Jane Lorens — Toronto

We still work with them on small jobs and have found their professionalism top notch, no matter the job size. Thank you guys!

Barbara Minz — Thornhill

The end result is amazing and they were so gracious when we initiated three change orders during the process. They pump my kitchen!

Greg Willson — Toronto

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